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Cocoon makes everything right with the Web

Cocoon makes the Web a better place by eliminating viruses, protecting your privacy and keeping your browsing all in one place.

Anti Virus

Cocoon uses patent pending advanced isolation technology to protect your computer from malware by keeping it away from your hard drive.  In addition we use anti virus scanning to scan for viruses before they even reach your computer. These isolation methods keep you safe and sound.
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Your privacy is protected from companies who are tracking you around the web, compiling your data based on your browsing history and behavior. With our new isolation technology we protect you from this and with Cocoon you are in a secure and private environment.
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Cocoon lets your online experience go with you from computer to computer. When you log into Cocoon, you always have access to your previous browsing history. Never again will you have to try to remember what that website was you visited on another computer, or have your login info for a website saved only on your work computer not your home computer.
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