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Productive, Private and Secure - Cocoon is with you wherever you are.

With Cocoon, your browsing history, security filters and personal spam fighting tools are kept on a secure server you can access from any computer.

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Never miss a beat

Because Cocoon is cloud based, our browser lets you take your online experience with you. When you log into Cocoon, you always have access to your previous browsing history. Never again will you have to try to remember what that website was you visited on another computer, or have your login info for a website saved only on your work computer and not available on your home computer. Cocoon stores your history, cookies, and meta data.

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Stay productive

Cocoon makes the Web a better, more productive place. Imagine being able to search and edit your history from any computer, save your tabs when you have to stop in the middle of a project, or make and leave notes on specific websites!?! All accessible from any computer. All of a sudden, the Web gets a whole lot better. For more info sign up for a free trial...